Innovative Equipment For Safety and Rescue

Fire Fighting Equipment is constantly changing with new designs for turnout gear, equipment, and apparatus. The goal is to make the job safer and more efficient for the firefighters and those in need of rescue. New turnout gear includes G-XTREME jackets and pants that are designed for how your body moves. More protection and movement without restriction means you can do the job with less stress and fatigue. More room in the knees, arms, seat, and back allows you to squat, crawl, reach and bend quicker and easier. Waterproof cuffs keep water from getting into the sleeves. The jacket keeps its thermal integrity better with that new design.

Cairns Helmets are available in over forty options. There are Defender, Chicago, and Metro styles, as well as low profile rescue helmets. Standard and deluxe configurations are available with goggles or face shields. There are new anti-fog eye shields, and helmet mounted dual light flashlights now available for better vision at the scene. Innovations in Portable Fire Equipment include trigger controlled nozzles and a battery powered telescope Ram that extends up to 53 inches. Mercury Monitors has a new, smaller ground monitor that are quicker to set up, and can be left unmanned on site. This means personnel can be used for other tasks if necessary.

Wetland Equipment PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has seen some updates recently as well. The Extended Response Team Suit has been updated for higher water resistance. This allows the rescuer to engage quicker and stay engaged longer. Sterns has added some enhancements to the design of the Ice Rescue Suit. It now has textured grip gloves that improve dexterity and thick-soled boots with traction for better footing. Innerzone goggles, wildland/proximity gloves and more efficient mobile cascade systems are also currently available. Gear bags, tri-bar carrying straps, and tri-bars that measure 24, 30, or 36 inches are also included in wetland equipment.

New apparatus innovations and updates include a slide out, fold down pump control panel and a rear engine pumper. A collision avoidance system has been introduced that features pedestrian and cycle side sensing to avoid accidents. A firetruck with a 100-foot aerial on a single axle has been successfully manufactured and is now in operation in Chicago. These improvements to clothing, gear, equipment, and apparatus, help keep everyone safer in an emergency situation. Find an equipment company that can carry the newest innovations in the industry in stock, so they are available when you are able to purchase them.